Ruslan Abuzant (since 2006)
MetaTrader4 Specialist & Server Administrator

Co-Founder & COO @SAB Financials

Accomplished, experienced & seasoned MetaTrader4 Expert.

Ruslan is a certified developer effectively applying expertise in driving diverse IT initiatives through strategic planning, proactive project management, decisive leadership, dynamic client relations, and targeted international marketing and business development towards defining and achieving my business's objectives, mission and vision.

As an experienced professional in the FX business, I have developed links and cultivated relationships with the world's largest liquidity providers executives, regional representatives, account managers and institutional trading bodies. I can help connecting you to deep Tier-1 bank and prime broker liquidity across Europe, Australasia and the United States. I can further cross-connect your orders through various counterparties and offer you quality platform hosting from within Equinix data centers in New York, London, Honk Kong and Tokyo.

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